Why a High Degree of Human-Judgement Matters in an Outsourcing Partner


Why a High Degree of Human-Judgement Matters in an Outsourcing Partner

Alignment with an outsourcing partner plays an integral role in the cost structure and competitiveness of businesses of all sizes. However, when choosing an outsourcing partner, cost alone should not be the deciding factor. When creating a lasting outsourcing strategy, the need for innovative thinking and cultural empathy, combined with cost, creates a robust model. There are times when partnering with an outsourcing firm to complete very tedious and thankless processes is needed. However, today there is a greater need than ever before to incorporate higher-level thinking and judgement-based decision-making into the operations of your outsourcing partner.

Automation can and should be used to reduce the number of tedious tasks your organization must perform daily. Automation can also unlock the raw data your business needs to solve operational problems and accurately identify signals and trends in your data. However, it is the human-powered critical thinking tasks that will increase the flow of strategic insights into your business.

When automated processes end, human judgement becomes the most crucial decision support tool. A high degree of human judgement should be utilized for more intricate business processes.

Critical thinking skills are necessary to investigate, research, and make decisions for analyzing financial markets, grant writing, US retail data insights, accounting and finance, and other commonly outsourced processes.

             Keep in mind that historically, outsourcing vendors were tasked with strictly completing a task/process, and it is highly likely that those same vendors do not use independent decision-making. Processes such as document management, time tracking, order filling, inventory management, shipping, purchasing, and billing can be more readily automated. In contrast, higher-level processes require a partner with the ability to automate processes along with the cultural alignment, creative thinking, and judgement needed to complete more complex tasks.

Liberty Source is a woman-led, flexible outsourcing firm whose services are tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. We promote human-in-the-loop interactions that allow your business to achieve your highest quality output through our highly skilled workforce. Our harmonization of a human and digital workforce enhances our ability to provide flexibility, guidance, and support while evolving with your needs to be a valuable, long term, culturally aligned partner.

A Message from our CEO on COVID-19


A Message from our CEO on COVID-19

At Liberty Source, the health and wellness of our employees is our top priority. As global concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak grows, we understand the role we play in helping to flatten the curve.

Liberty Source’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) team has been monitoring the situation closely over the past few weeks. We are tracking the information provided by public health agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

As a precautionary measure and to safeguard our employees from the outbreak, Liberty Source employees are working remotely for a two-week period. We remain focused on business operations and continue to serve our clients during this time.

The road ahead of us has more challenges than we could have dreamed of two months ago. Families in our communities will need to deal with the personal effects of this virus affecting ones they love, the financial implications of our economy coming to a screeching halt, and the impact on our kids as they navigate a month or more without critical school instruction. I understand this outbreak is stressful, the level of worry and anxiety in our communities is sky-high. I also know how resilient the Liberty Source team is. We will get through this. We will find ‘normal’ again. My hope is that with the right precautions this will all end sooner rather than later.

From our Liberty Source family to yours, we wish you good health.

Cindy Gallagher
CEO, Liberty Source

Liberty Source CEO, Cindy Gallagher, shares thoughts and insights on establishing automation goals


Liberty Source CEO, Cindy Gallagher, shares thoughts and insights on establishing automation goals

Truly Integrating Artificial Intelligence Throughout Your Global Enterprise

In 2019 Robotic Process Automation has quickly become a pre-requisite for any larger organization. Now the adoption and use of artificial intelligence is the new battleground for companies wanting to stay ahead of the pack and the opportunities that lie within it are endless. Whether you want to increase profits, streamline project management, or better serve your customer, AI can be employed in almost every area of your operations to create startling results. In a sphere where innovation must be continuous in order to stay competitive, this event looks at how to go beyond basic automation, and into the AI promised land.

AI Live Americas an online summit from the AIIA Network Is expected to draw over 1500 registrations. Free to attend, you can dial in from the comfort of your desk and listen to global AI experts live or ondemand. Together we will tackle a range of topics including; cognitive wins from the front lines, chatbots, AI at scale, Big Data vs. Dark Data, AI powered CX and the human to machine handover. New to this year, we will be looking into AI applications in both the front and back office, to enable you to explore the full 360 degrees of AI opportunities.

Key Themes:

  • Cognitive And AI Wins (And Disasters) From The Front-Line
  • Big Data Vs. Dark Data: Using AI To Process And Analyse Structured And Unstructured Data
  • Revolutionising Omni-Channel Customer Experience With AI And Chat-Bots
  • AI At Scale: Building A Pathway To Global Group Adoption Of Cognitive Technologies
  • Talent, Leadership And Hybrid-Teams: Building A Culture That Is AI Ready

Post Cable Business Network Aggregates the Day’s Top Business Headlines for 26M Americans


Post Cable Business Network Aggregates the Day’s Top Business Headlines for 26M Americans

GotUrSix TV Partners with Military Spouse Led Company on New Mission

Washington, DC – January 12, 2019 – GotUrSix TV launches the first news headline website for the 26 million Military, Veterans, Military Spouses and Reservists worldwide. The new digital platform aggregates all of the day’s top business headlines including topics such as healthcare, technology, career, U.S. Corporation Military Program, Mergers, Acquisitions & Investment, influential military contracts, and more.

The launch of the new digital service is well-timed to address the gap in the market. While there are hundreds of websites and blogs featuring business and military related content, until now, there has not been one site to aggregate all the days business headlines impacting Veterans, Military Spouses, active duty and Reservists.

“We are excited to launch this new platform to bring together the day’s relevant business stories impacting 26M Americans,” said the GotUrSix TV Founder and son of two Air Force Veterans, Keith Trippie. “The business model has already been proven with sites such as Drudge Report, Cheddar and Wired to name a few, and we wanted to create a fun, informative site for our audience read with their cup of coffee every morning,” the retired Department of Homeland Security Executive continued.

GotUrSix TV’s target audience is the 26M Americans who have served and sacrificed for the United States. Of the 26M, 200,000 transition from service each year, 4M are Veteran Owned businesses, nearly one million are Military Spouses and millions of Veterans are in the workforce.

To build this service GotUrSix TV has partnered with Liberty Source, a leading managed business services firm led by a Navy Spouse. Liberty Source has nearly 50% of its workforce as Military Spouses and Veterans.

“Liberty Source is thrilled to partner with Keith and the GotUrSix TV team. Liberty Source was founded on the belief that we should be doing more to support Military Spouses, Veterans and active duty service members,” said Cindy Gallagher, the CEO of Liberty Source and Navy Spouse. “We feed this mission by providing long-term, sustainable careers for Military Spouses, Veterans and active duty reservists, while GotUrSix TV feeds this mission through aggregating relevant and entertaining business news stories directly applicable to this community.”

GotUrSix TV’s website went live in January 2019 and looks like they have a bright financial future.

“Partnering with Liberty Source is key to providing timely, high-value information for the Community.” Trippie said. “As the saying goes… go fast, go alone; go far, go together.”

About GotUrSix TV:

GotUrSix TV is the post-cable business platform aggregating the day’s top business headlines and shares the personal stories of active duty, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Reservists. In addition to the business headline service, GotUrSix TV goes behind the headlines with another 80 hours of original programming featuring more than 130 influencers and leaders from the Military, Veteran and Military Spouse community.

Coping Mechanism: Keep Smiling!


Coping Mechanism: Keep Smiling!

Cindy Gallagher from onshore Managed Business Services Liberty Source on ‘having it all’

In our continued series on Women and Shared Services Careers, Emma Beaumont, MD of Global Strategy and Analytics at SSON, interviews Cindy Gallagher, CEO of onshore Managed Business Services firm Liberty Source (and previously SVP Global Business Services Controller at Discovery Communications) about some of the challenges faced.

Emma Beaumont: If you had to identify one singular skillset that motherhood has given you which has gone on to help you perform better in the workplace, what would that be? (mine is patience BTW! )

Cindy Gallagher: Mine is patience as well! Kiddos definitely test your patience to the end and you need to find a deeper reserve than you ever thought possible. Same is true in the workplace. The calmer you can be, the more you can listen (Listening would be number 2…) both at home and at work; and the stronger you will be and the greater respect you will earn from others.

At the end, you’re also more likely to be the one getting your point across and convincing others to follow your path.

EB: Indra Nooyi famously talks about “coping mechanisms” to overcome working-mom guilt, can you share ONE practical tip you’ve engaged to keep you focussed on the job (and sane!) when children push the guilt buttons?

CG: Knowing that I’m doing the best I can for my kids and for me. I love my kids (as we all do), but I also love what I do. My work keeps me grounded and engaged on a different level which makes me a better and stronger mom.

Like motherhood, shared services leadership is a demanding and time-intensive role, with the potential for 24/7 shifts that at times can blur boundaries with domestic downtime.

“The biological clock and the career clock are
in total conflict with each other.”
Indira Nooyi, CEO, PepsiCo

EB: What is your MOST USEFUL TIP for how to balance the needs of the business and your kids – when both are screaming for your undivided attention?

CG: There are so many different ways to look at this. Some try to balance, some totally divide their time (when they’re at work they’re only at work, when they’re at home they’re only at home). Dividing sounds like a dream many of us don’t believe is possible – but for some, in certain roles, it’s absolutely feasible.

For me, it’s integration. There are times when I need to get work done, even when the kids are screaming and there are times when I need to be there for my kids but work is screaming. I’ve actually been known to take the computer to a baseball game to crank out a quick brief (wouldn’t recommend that all the time but in a pinch it’s easy to do).

I also set the ground rule at work that my kids do come first and with my kids that if I need to get something done I can set a time limit on how long I think it will take – communication there is critical.

I’ve been pretty lucky to have (for the most part) leadership who also understand and respect this. I’ve been known to work strange hours at times and have set the ground rule with my team that just because I’m online at a weird time doesn’t mean they need to be and certainly doesn’t mean I need a quick response.

EB: Finally – do you believe working mothers in Senior Leadership roles can ‘have it all’?

CG: It depends on how you define ‘having it all’. That definition should be unique to everyone. I don’t believe we should try to be super woman all the time – we need to lean on our families and on each other to make everything come together.

We also need to define our limits, as well as the limits for our organizations and our kids. We all like to believe there are no limits, or the sky’s the limit, but what does that look like before something or someone breaks?

Personally, I’m satisfied with what I’ve done/what I have at this point in my life. I’m always striving for the next thing, always wanting to grow and learn, to do more and see more, but the key to all of that is taking a moment at each step to look back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished, knowing that at each step, you do actually have it all.

My final thought would be to keep smiling through it all. A smile goes a long way!

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network


Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

Cindy Gallagher joins us and shares her decision-making around taking the position of CEO at Liberty Source. With “a shortage of woman leadership” Cindy feels that it’s important to train and show the importance and need for a blend of talent at the highest levels of all organizations. Regarding her organization, she’s focused on a highly educated and underemployed segment of the population. And considering that quality talent and a lack of understanding of how to implement the future of work is in short supply, Cindy and her team are happily finding placement for US veterans and their spouses. And Cindy gives us her thoughts on intelligent automation: as opposed to taking jobs away, it’s going to change the landscape of work. Over-communicate on your journey. Ensure leadership has a long-term vision regarding intelligent automation. Put your human workforce in a leadership and ownership position of your digital workforce. Focus that digital workforce on delivering tangible goods and your human workforce on delivering quality of service.

Liberty Source hiring 70 workers at Fort Monroe


Liberty Source hiring 70 workers at Fort Monroe

Liberty Source PBC is hiring for at least 70 more workers this year and plans to expand into a third building on Fort Monroe in April, company officials said.

The company got its start in two buildings at 355 and 351 Fenwick Road at Fort Monroe in 2014 when the governor announced the startup aimed to bring nearly 600 jobs to the area by recapturing contracted back-office work for large corporations that had been going overseas.

Honoring Military Communities on Memorial Day


Honoring Military Communities on Memorial Day

Memorial Day may be associated with backyard barbecues, a well-deserved day off or summer’s fast approach, but it’s important to remember the true meaning of the holiday – honoring those we’ve lost in combat while defending our country.

This Memorial Day, the Social Enterprise Alliance team is showcasing three innovative social enterprise members who honor fallen heroes and support those that continue on.

REBOOT Combat Recovery provides trauma healing and counseling to veterans through its clinically informed and faith-based curriculum, which gives veterans and their families the tools to help others as well as themselves. Through a peer led, 12-week combat trauma healing course, REBOOT builds communities of healing that empower participants to rebuild strong character, engage in the community and reclaim leadership roles.

By becoming a member of the REBOOT network, individuals can form their own communities and access a full set of curriculum and leadership training materials. This model not only empowers veterans and their families to be agents of change in their communities, but also serves as a sustainable, mission-aligned way for REBOOT to maximize its impact. There are currently over 20 locations all across the country, with nearly 1,100 adults having gone through the program.

As veterans all across the country remember their fallen comrades on Memorial Day, REBOOT challenges participants to honor those memories through reflecting, healing and supporting others suffering with PTSD. With an 82% graduation rate, and 41% of graduates becoming group leaders themselves, REBOOT is changing the way military communities think through life after loss.

HEAVENDROPt, a social enterprise of Evergreen Life Services, hires individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, sight and hearing disabilities and veterans with disabilities to create and sell products out of recycled military parachutes. Much of the profit from sale of the products purchases more parachutes to continue employment at a competitive wage. HEAVENDROPt donates to veterans organizations including Remember Honor Support, and partners with The Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay.

By recycling used military parachutes, hiring individuals with disabilities, and donating to veterans assistance organizations, HEAVENDROPt makes the most of people, planet and profit to achieve a triple bottom line business. Their products include bracelets, necklaces, pet bandanas, lanyards, glasses cords, super hero children’s capes and more.

HEAVENDROPt products breathe new life into military equipment, providing a livelihood to those facing barriers to employment. In doing so, they offer us a generative way to honor service members’ sacrifices.

Liberty Source, a social enterprise and subsidiary of Digital Divide Data, gives military spouses professional work opportunities through its “on-shore” finance and accounting, human resources, customer care and specialized services. Over 750,000 military spouses have limited flexibility to pursue their own careers. Liberty Source shifts this paradigm, offering them high-skilled, computer-based work that not only improves their earning potential, but also provides them with an environment sensitive to the unique challenges of military families.

Liberty Source employs nearly 120 people on Fort Monroe in southern Virginia, giving them the opportunity to put their education to use and develop professional skills. In addition, clients like AOL and other large enterprises receive quality business services that also fulfill corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Liberty Source honors fallen service members by remembering the people they’ve left behind – family members, friends and spouses – and giving them an opportunity to succeed once again.

Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices and costs of military service, the heroes we’ve lost and the loved ones who remain in their wake. ReBoot, HEAVENDROPt and Liberty Source offer three unique models to honor those who have fallen and supporting those who have served.

Learn more about social enterprises supporting military communities and veterans in our member directory.