Equipping Your Remote Teams for Success


Equipping Your Remote Teams for Success

Managing a Remote Workforce- Part Four

As implementing and managing a remote workforce can be a time-consuming and challenging venture, it is crucial to explore the unique opportunities available that will ensure that your remote teams are set for success. Technology has improved over the past 5-10 years, making it easier than ever to provide your teams with a set of tools to tackle even the most daunting tasks.  While most businesses have settled into a remote work environment, has your outsourcing partner kept up?

It starts with a leadership team that embraces a modern approach to remote work and provides a sense of calm in the midst of chaos. Equipping your remote teams with the right hardware, software, and office equipment, expectations, and remote culture from day one will result in higher productivity, a sense of community, and long-term success.

Depending on the type of work and pace at which the work should be completed, it is important to determine the right technology set-up for each of your teams. From the time of onboarding, you need to consider what you will provide your employees, versus what you expect them to bring to the employment relationship. Will you provide them with an office chair, laptop, dual monitors, a docking station, keyboard, and mouse? Do you expect all employees to have home internet, or will you provide a stipend? If your employees are expected to have heavy call volumes, have you enabled softphones available through their laptops, or is everyone expected to take calls on their cell phones, and what if they don’t have cell phones? You will also want to consider the efficiency of your onboarding process for remote employees when there are things to be shipped or picked up from the on-site headquarters.

Wi-Fi speed is also something to be considered and well-thought-out now that video meetings are no longer the exception, but the rule. Add the additional bandwidth required to have multiple people working efficiently from home combined with the pull of students who are remote learning and the standard, most affordable Wi-Fi packages may no longer be sufficient.

Due to the nature of being remote, many organizations rely more heavily on software packages that are browser-based versus installed software programs. These online apps ensure that teams are able to create and share documents in real-time.

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with co-workers and employees. However, with almost all work being completed virtually these days, you will want to explore a communication tool that closely mimics your in-office communication structure.  Encourage employees to use video while in virtual meetings and feel comfortable turning off the camera from time-to-time.

Liberty Source understands that equipping remote and distributed teams with the right tools, policies and remote culture are key to a successful, productive remote workforce. Our leadership is experienced in and consistently seeking new exciting ways to effectively engage with our remote employees, guaranteeing the teams we employ for your business processes are loyal, productive, and motivated to giving you the best quality products.

Contact Liberty Source today to discover how we can partner with your company for all your flexible outsourcing business needs.

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