Liberty Source recognizes the talents of military personnel and veterans and their families. Opportunities are numerous, whether you are looking for a career after military service, a military spouse or a family member of a veteran, we have an opportunity for you to learn, grow, work and contribute!

Eddie Fields

Transitioning out of military life can be challenging. “I wasn’t looking for a job, I was looking for a career,” Eddie says. “With Liberty Source, I have so many opportunities I have found my place within the team and also with a challenging and interesting career that I appreciate every day.”

Stephen Usselman and Jackie Jung

“Liberty Source hasn’t just provided me with a job I love, it has also employed my daughter, giving her valuable experience in the professional work place. Since I was serving in the military for parts of her childhood, I’m so grateful that we can work in the same environment now. Liberty Source has added to our families quality of life and I’m so thankful to have found them.”

Caleb Wilson, Corporate Bonds

After serving honorably in the Marine Corps, finding a place where I could continue to serve was paramount to my growth as an individual.  I had spent five years working part time and raising my children while my wife served, leaving gaps in my resume. Liberty Source saw my potential and understood my drive. The chance to give back and the mission of Liberty Source was a calling of mine.  I had felt undervalued, but with Liberty Source my input and perspective is respected and desired. Liberty has given me a second chance to serve this community and a new place to call home.

Fort Monroe

Liberty Source is headquartered near Fort Monroe, on the tip of the Virginia peninsula in the Hampton Roads area. The fort dates back to the early 1600s as a key defensive stronghold and was fully built in 1834 – the largest all-stone fortification in the country. It played a key role in the Civil War, never falling into Confederate control and serving as Jefferson Davis’s prison. Now decommissioned as a base, but designated a National Historic Landmark, Fort Monroe continues to inspire all who visit it. We are proud to be based in a location with such a rich and storied history.