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Career opportunities for our nation’s military spouses.

Military families know what it means to work hard, to show steadfast dedication, and to uphold an enduring commitment to excellence.

Military spouses are well educated and highly qualified for a range of careers, yet they often struggle to find work. Veterans have years of experience and possess skill sets that the commercial market struggles to tap into. At Liberty Source, we want to give you the opportunity to create a great career.

We understand the value of our military community, and we help our employees achieve successful, meaningful careers.

Why work with Liberty Source?

Employee Development – We incorporate on-the-job training, structured training courses, and relevant certifications enhancing skill development to broaden the professional trajectory of the underserved military community.

Portable, Sustainable Employment – We work with our clients to allow active military spouses to continue in their position during Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Strong Community – We understand the transitioning needs of the military community. Our company’s established support groups uplift our employees, and external community initiatives enrich the greater good.

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