Our Story

Our Story

Liberty Source began with a simple question: how can business process outsourcing services be successfully delivered from the United States?

Companies look for a range of benefits when engaging with an outsource partner:
  • Lower cost
  • Rapid standardization
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Talented workforce
Refining our model with an eye toward social responsibility, we searched for a dedicated talent pool that:
  • Holds an attitude toward exceptional service delivery
  • Can identify creative and real time solutions to complex problems
  • Understands the purpose and value of process, and can be trained up quickly
  • Will flourish in a work culture designed to meet their specific needs
  • Deserves an opportunity to get on the first step of their career ladder, along with the resources to climb

The solution was clear: we would tap into the 750,000 strong U.S. military spouse community.

Spouses of men and women in the military don’t have the flexibility to pursue their own careers. They may move often, not always to locations where jobs in their career field are plentiful, which contributes to patchy resumes. Most employers struggle to structure a work environment to suit the needs of a military family, particularly during deployment. Spouses may pursue graduate education in lieu of finding a job, only to end up “overqualified.”

To formalize and build upon our vision:

  • We structured Liberty Source as a Public Benefit Corporation and a subsidiary of noted social impact outsourcing firm Digital Divide Data
  • We hired a management team with a track record of business excellence and an understanding of the needs of the military community, alongside a board that is passionate about delivery excellence and making a difference
  • We developed hiring processes to identify employees with the right attitude toward client experience and skills mastery
  • Our service delivery methodologies are commercially smart and viable

Today, Liberty Source offers organizations portfolio diversity and the first opportunity at scale to deliver work onshore by tapping into a pool of talented, educated, culturally aligned, and committed military spouses.

Our Core Values

Our core values are more than just words on a page. We apply these each and every day, and truly believe that they give us the structure to deliver the best possible quality customer service to our clients.

Succeed with Integrity

To honor commitments made to our clients, their customers, and our mission.

Encourage Growth and Development

To providing a rich learning environment for our employees; to become a learning organization in support of client needs; and to grow and develop to our full potential.

Rely on One Another

Entrust each other with our collective success by demonstrating transparency in our intentions; resiliency in the face of adversity, and a bias for serving the greater good.

Value Operational Excellence

Dedicate ourselves to the highest standard of service excellence as we are entrusted with our clients’ customers and brand.

Embrace Change

Recognize the contributions of those who have gone before by forging a future which demonstrates the strength of all our values working together.

Liberty Source