Project Management

Project Management

Whether it’s helping you manage strategic initiatives, tackle backlog projects, or assist with transitioning your back office services to our team or a new technology solution, Liberty Source’s Project Management capabilities ensure timely and seamless stand up of support for your organization.

Our project management services leverage best practices and standardized approaches to align with each client’s specific project needs. Liberty Source works with client teams to understand project requirements, customize project plans, and provide ongoing progress tracking. Our project management expertise allows us to quickly pivot to meet your organization’s goals while mitigating risks.

Liberty Source’s project management services are tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. By guiding your projects to completion, we help you realize the benefits of your new implementation more quickly and with less frustration.

With a commitment to quality, a culturally aligned workforce, and intelligent automation capabilities, we apply our proprietary methodologies to resolve your open-ended operational problems, enhance data driven decision making, and improve transparency and accountability.

Liberty Source Project Management services include:

Customized project planning

Define success criteria and leverage our expertise to develop a thorough, achievable plan

End-to-end support

Collaborate with your assigned resources to see a project from inception to close with coordinated transition handoffs along the way

Full suite of capabilities

Ensure successful transitions with our knowledge and application of workflow redesign, change management, business readiness, and documentation support

Integration with project management tools

Leverage our project management toolkit that makes communicating milestones and sharing deliverables easy no matter where your team is located

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