Remote Teams

Remote Teams

Liberty Source Remote Work Capability

Liberty Source was founded on the belief that remote work capabilities could transform business services while also creating long-term employment opportunities for military spouses. Our founders believed that through remote work we would create a services differentiator for our client-partners while ensuring high-quality results.

Our founders also believed that military spouses should be afforded the same career growth opportunities as their civilian counterparts. Since 2014, we’ve offered military spouses employment continuity through leveraging remote work capabilities, no matter where or when military orders prompt their families to relocate.

Scale your Business with LS Remote Teams

Today, Liberty Source offers organizations portfolio diversity and the first opportunity at scale to deliver work with 100% remote teams onshore in the US by tapping into a pool of talented, educated, culturally aligned, and committed military spouses. We carefully select and rigorously train each member of our workforce to ensure they have the expertise necessary to tackle even the most complex challenges. Our team of highly-skilled military spouses and veterans stand ready to meet your unique outsourcing needs remotely.

Deep Experience

Liberty Source has the right experience, procedures, and tools needed to effectively build and manage successful remote teams.

What are the tools needed to set the foundation for a successful remote team?

Secure network design and architecture

Modern communication tools to enable collaboration

Electronic file management system

Remote onboarding

Engagement strategy

Innovation within virtual-first environment

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